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15 (2009)


Not many studies in the literature were to investigate the positive impacts of radio on health of the elderly in Hong Kong. If listening to radio has a positive impact on older people’s health, there would be important implications to the social services in Hong Kong, with regard to further studies on an in-depth understanding of this issue and policy recommendations for the Hong Kong government to improve social services of the elderly population. In light of the above rationale, the present study was designed to explore the qualitative impacts of listening radio on the well-being of elderly people in Hong Kong. The specific aims of the study were:

1. to explore the profile and the listening patterns of elderly audiences;

2. to explore the preference and needs of the elderly audience on radio programme in HK;

3. to explore impacts of the radio programmes on elderly’s life satisfaction and the quality of life.

4. to explore the notions of lifelong learning through the medium, which Radio 5 is serving such a function.

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APIAS Working Paper Series No.15 (2009)

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Chan, C. M. A., & Cheung, K. W. K. (2009). An exploratory study on the elders' needs and attitudes towards radio programmes (APIAS Working Paper Series No.15). Retrieved from Lingnan University website:

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