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07 (2004)


Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) has been striving for better caring services for older people in Hong Kong. However, many studies often focus only on a single dimension of caregivng in either informal or formal caregivers. Few studies have viewed caring as an integrative approach, with limited examination and exploration on the caring processes and interactions between the caregivers and carees and the reasons for this pattern. Therefore, CFSC invited the Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS) to conduct the research. The present research aimed to explore caregiving relationships and care patterns among caregivers and carees. The goal was also to provide possible explanations of caregiving for elderly care services.

基督教家庭服務中心一向致力發展及改善本港的社區服務。為持續提升中心的服 務質素,在護老服務方面更是非常關注。然而,在社區及家居支援服務上,往往 業界同工多著重於對被照顧的長者的成效去評估及跟進服務,雖然近年多了一些 對家庭護老者的需要及支援服務的關注,卻少有從整個照顧過程去探討被照顧長者、家庭照顧者及正規的護老者三方面去考慮照顧計劃及服務隊的跟進工作,而 文獻亦鮮有這方面的實証調查。有見及此,基督教家庭服務中心委託嶺南大學亞 太老年學研究中心進行是項先導研究,目的是了解正規護老者、家庭護老者及接 受照顧的長者三者之間在照顧過程中的主要角色、關係,嘗試就不同的照顧關係 和互動模式中找出一些理由和關鍵所在,為提升護老服務計劃方面提供一些參考理念。

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APIAS Monograph Paper Series No.07 (2004)

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APIAS, LN. & Christian Family Service Center. (2004). Report on the study of the relationship between formal and informal caregivers in caring for older people (APIAS Monograph Paper Series No.7). Retrieved from Lingnan University website:



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