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Paper Series

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03 (2003)


Computer usage and internet access for older persons have been increasingly emphasized in Hong Kong, particularly as a live access tool for keeping frequent contacts with the outside world and the applicability in online medical consultation for those who are frail and isolated. But how are these computer communication technologies being used among the older persons? The question has not been much explored. Hence, this study aims, as a first step, to find out the profiles of older persons using computer aided communications including internet and e-mails. The objectives of the present study are to:

  1. measure the proportion of older persons who have access to computers and the Internet in Hong Kong;
  2. examine computer usage and online habits of Hong Kong older persons including frequency of use, email capabilities and online activities;
  3. determine the percentage who use the Internet for financial or investment purposes;
  4. examine Hong Kong older persons’ attitudes to the impact of the Internet on their own investment knowledge, ability and habits; and
  5. examine the IT training needs of older persons and the difficulties that may arise, so as to enhance IT teaching in Hong Kong.

Paper Series No.

APIAS Monograph Paper Series No.03 (2003)

The project was funded by Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee, funding reference: RES-017/200

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Chan, C. M. A., Phillips, D. R., & Fong, M. S. F. (2003). An exploratory study of older persons' computer and internet usage in Hong Kong (APIAS Monograph Paper Series No.3). Retrieved from Lingnan University website:



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