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Elder neglect, instead of abuse, forms an obvious focus in studying changes before irreversible damages are made to the families over time to examine the family cohesion factors as well as to identify interpersonal or helping relationships among elder parents and adult children, in particular during the time of sickness when an older person requires intensive care. Such occasions reveal the impacts of family dynamic on the vulnerability of elder neglect. It is under this background, Family Council and Central Policy Unit, commissioned the Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies of Lingnan University to undertake the study, in April 2010, with the following aims:

a. To provide literature review on family neglect in Asian countries, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and India;

b. To identify critical points of elder neglect in Hong Kong and its explanation(s); and

c. To propose possible interventions.

Consultant Team Member(s)

Principal Investigator: Professor Chan Cheung Ming Alfred

Co-Investigator: Ms Tang Pui Yee Phoebe, Mr Chung Yan Yi Eddy

Research Support: Ms Lau Wing No Helen, Ms Tang Chi Yan Sandy, Ms Chan Hui Yan Fanny, Ms Chung Nga Man Amber, Ms Li Wing Yin, Mr Chan Wing Chung David

Study Commissioned By

The Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong SAR Government

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Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University, & The Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong SAR Government (2011). Exploratory study of neglect among elderly in Hong Kong: A family perspective. Retrieved from