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Hong Kong Women Foundation Ho Kwok Pui Chun Social Centre for the Elderly strives to promote active ageing among the elderly to enable them to self-enhancement. The study aimed at understanding the situation of the current participation of the Centre’s members in courses and voluntary works, as well as seeking solutions in promoting their level of participation in the aforementioned aspects. The Centre encouraged its member to progress from a recipient of knowledge into a wielder of knowledge, but the reality went contrary to the Centre’s wishes. It was found that the members tended to act as service users by joining courses but seldom work as service providers by participating in organizing voluntary services. The study found that even though the members understand their duties within their community including giving a helping hand, promoting traditional values, and contributing to the community, they care more about themselves in terms of time and comfort, that they seldom consider enhancing themselves through providing assistance to others. They do not have any, or they do not have a strong enough reason to choose volunteering out of many options. Based on the fact that the Centre has already encountered resistance in transforming users into volunteers, the study suggested that the Centre should not attempt to jump the users into service organisers but gradually. However, the study found that many members of the Centre possess a high education level and a young psychological state, which are the bases for voluntary participation. The Centre is recommended to bring a change of value to its member. The members should be inculcated with the mindset that voluntary works are rewarded with achievement, respect, and recognition, which are the motivation of becoming volunteers. Over time, service users will escalate into operative participants and then organizational participants.

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香港婦女基金會何郭佩珍耆康中心、嶺南大學亞太老年學研究中心 (2013)。如何提升長者的自我增值能力研究計劃。檢自