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Now in its second year, the Hong Kong Summer Service Program is sponsored by the Lingnan Foundation, and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS). After undergoing a competitive application and interview process organized by lIE, six students from Lingnan University, Sun Yat-sen University and Lingnan (University) College were selected to participate in the program, which involves a 6-week summer internship with a community/ social service organization in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Summer Service interns were placed in a non-profit organization that addresses a social concern related to their interests. With support and guidance from APIAS, each Fellow worked in their placement organization for the duration of the program, gaining practical experience in the operation of a social service organization. They worked with executives and administrators to learn all aspects of the operation of the organization as well as doing hands on work in the services provided by the organization.

To enhance their program experience, interns worked with their organization and APIAS supervisor to propose and initiate at least one service project during their internship. This year, projects undertaken by the interns included creative art classes for children, intergenerational bridge-building activities between children and the elderly, and an outing to Lingnan University for residents of a local elderly home.

Interns were required to submit program proposals, budgets and reports for their chosen projects. In addition to presenting their findings at the closing seminar, after the conclusion of the program interns submit final evaluation reports, detailing their experiences, findings and results of their internship.

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Message from the Lingnan Foundation 嶺南基金會會長致辭

The Lingnan Foundation is delighted to support the Hong Kong Summer Service Program. This program advances the Foundation's emphasis on liberal learning as well as fulfills the founding motto of Lingnan, "Education for Service". We believe that involvement in community service is an ideal way to create stronger linkages between academic and the community, as well as cultivate civic responsibility. We look forward to learning how these dedicated summer interns have broadened their own horizons and touched the lives of many others in the process. We congratulate APIAS at Lingnan University and IIE/Hong Kong on a very productive collaboration and for their high standards of excellence, and thank participating organizations and individuals for their involvement.

嶺南基金會有幸資助香港暑期服務項目。這個項目促進基金會強調通識學習並實踐嶺南創校的格言 : "教育為服務"。我們相信最理想的方法是以社區參予來建立學術與社區間之緊密聯繫, 並培養公民責任。我們希望暑期實習生能透過暑期服務擴闊視野及接觸不同階層的人仕。在此我們感謝個別人仕、機構的參予, 及亞太老年學研究中心及國際教育協會的成功合作。

Leslie Stone
Executive Director
Lingnan Foundation
New Haven, Connecticut

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