Date of Award


Degree Type

UG Dissertation (Restricted)



First Advisor

Dr. SUN Daning


Although most organization experienced the economic downturn in 1997, they at least learned an important lesson that managers must understand people.

Today, what the organizations really need is that managers have the power to lead their fellows to work in the way that benefits the company the most. How to motivate employees, how to communicate with them, how to avoid and solve conflicts when they happen, how to avoid pushing stress pressure and how to delegate the power fairly being some of the most important aspects that form the core parts of my research. The effect of these towards employees and thus the profits of the company will also under deep analysis later in this paper.

My studies begin with an overview of the organization structure and its culture. The objective is to understand the background of the company as people are affected by the culture in which they work.



Recommended Citation

Liang, W. C. (2004). Motivation is the most important factor that affects performances of employees in a company (UG Dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong).