Submissions from 2017


Huemer on immigration and the preservation of culture, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Colour my growth : a study of art as a language for victims of family violence, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Submissions from 2016


Book review : Resemblance and representation : an essay in the philosophy of pictures, Rafael DE CLERCQ

A companion to Nordic cinema, Mette HJORT and Ursula LINDQVIST


Art as a language for children in need, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW


Art as intervention in serving secondary child victims of family violence : introduction & manual, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Reading Chinese painting : beyond forms and colors, a comparative approach to art appreciation, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Submissions from 2015


Book review : The aesthetics of design, by Jane Forsey, Rafael DE CLERCQ


The lazy person’s approach to depiction, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Laurence Binyon : a pioneering and authoritative curator of Chinese painting in early twentieth-century Britain, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG

Art in service-learning : connecting art and community, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Submissions from 2014


Book review : The critical imagination, by James Grant, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Building plans as natural symbols, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Is there a problem with the causal criterion of event identity?, Rafael DE CLERCQ, Wai Yin LAM, and Jiji ZHANG

The Danish directors 3 : dialogues on the new Danish documentary cinema, Mette HJORT, Ib BONDEBJERG, and Eva Novrup REDVALL

A comparative study of online collection databases of Chinese Paintings in British Museums = 英國博物館中國畫蒐藏在線數據庫項目之比較研究, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG

Binyon and Nash : British modernists’ conception of Chinese landscape painting, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG

Introduction, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG

The reception of Chinese art across cultures, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG

The invisible citizens of Hong Kong : art and stories of Vietnamese boatpeople, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW


Affording creativity and new media possibilities, Wai Yi, Zoie SO

Submissions from 2013


Contemporary representations of Macao : taking off the city, Carol ARCHER

Beauty, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Locke's principle is an applicable criterion of identity, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Reflections on a sofa bed : functional beauty and looking fit, Rafael DE CLERCQ


The metaphysics of art restoration, Rafael DE CLERCQ

Community engagement and film: Toward the pursuit of ethical goals through applied research on moving images, Mette HJORT


The education of the filmmaker in Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, Mette HJORT


The education of the filmmaker in Europe, Australia, and Asia, Mette HJORT


The acquisition of the Wegener collection of Chinese paintings by the British museum, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG

The Olga-Julia Wegener and Arthur Morrison collections of Chinese paintings in the British Museum, Ying Ling, Michelle HUANG


馬家寶的寫實主義 : 左翼思潮與香港本土藝術 = Ma Jiabo’s realism : a case study on Hong Kong art, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏) and Ni Na NG (吳妮娜)

Submissions from 2012

Architecture, Rafael DE CLERCQ


On some putative graph-theoretic counterexamples to the Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles, Rafael DE CLERCQ

Film and risk, Mette HJORT


Flamboyant risk taking: Why some filmmakers embrace avoidable and excessive risks, Mette HJORT


Introduction: The film phenomenon and how risk pervades it, Mette HJORT

Connecting art and community through service-learning, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW


Enhancing the study of art and community through service-learning, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW


Visible voices of asylum seekers : the art of Vietnamese boatpeople in Hong Kong, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW


「游于藝」的境界 : 曾榮光(1926 - 2005) 的藝術追求, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏)

Creativity and academic activism : instituting cultural studies, Meaghan MORRIS and Mette HJORT

Submissions from 2011


Macao monuments : in art, in poetry and in your face, Carol ARCHER and Christopher KELEN

Aesthetic properties, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Modern architecture and the concept of harmony, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Denmark, Mette HJORT


Small Cinemas: How They Thrive and Why They Matter, Mette HJORT


1940至1959香港親中報章刊載的藝術家活動年表 = A chronology of artists' activities in pro-Beijing newspapers in Hong Kong between 1940-1959, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏)


Being in traditional Chinese landscape painting, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Preface = 序, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏)


Rekindling hearts with art : a community arts project for the young survivors of the Sichuan earthquake, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Vietnamese boat people in Hong Kong : visual images and stories, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

《書譜》年代的老實文化人 : 記曾榮光老師, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏)

Submissions from 2010


Affinitive and milieu-building transnationalism: The advance party initiative, Mette HJORT

Lone Scherfig's Italian for beginners, Mette HJORT

The Danish directors 2, Mette HJORT


An interdisciplinary approach to art appreciation, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW

Submissions from 2009

Aesthetic ideals, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Scruton on rightness of proportion in architecture, Rafael DE CLERCQ

The aesthetic creation theory of art, Rafael DE CLERCQ


Living with diversity: what difference can film-making make?, Mette HJORT

On the plurality of cinematic transnationalism, Mette HJORT

對焦中國畫 : 國畫的六種閱讀方法, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW


逆境中的藝術 : 嶺南大學"重遇越南社群藝術"展覽 = Art in adversity : C.A.R.E. at Lingnan University, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏)

Submissions from 2008

On The five obstructions, Mette HJORT

Submissions from 2007

Book review : Encyclopedia of the documentary film, Mette HJORT

The cinema of small nations, Mette HJORT and Duncan J. PETRIE

張大千與現代中國畫, Suk Mun, Sophia LAW (羅淑敏)

Submissions from 2006

Stanley Kwan's center stage, Mette HJORT

Submissions from 2003

Purity and provocation :Dogme 95, Mette HJORT

Submissions from 2002

The postnational self : belonging and identity, Ulf HEDETOFT and Mette HJORT

Submissions from 2000

Cinema and nation, Mette HJORT and Scott MACKENZIE

Submissions from 1997

Emotion and the arts, Mette HJORT

Submissions from 1993

The strategy of letters, Mette HJORT

Submissions from 1992

Rules and conventions :literature , philosophy, social theory, Mette HJORT