"The stolen bicycle" excerpt = 《單車失竊記》摘譯

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Books From Taiwan

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Winter 12-14-2015



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Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


Sterk translates the literary fiction "The stolen bicycle" 《單車失竊記》, written by Wu Ming-Yi (吳明益). In the fiction, Cheng, a novelist, once wrote a book about his father’s childhood and his disappearance twenty years ago. One day he receives a reader’s email asking whether his father’s bicycle disappeared as well. Perplexed and amused, Cheng decides to track down the bicycle, which was stolen many years previously. The journey takes him to a scavenger’s treasure trove, the mountain home of an aboriginal photographer, deep into the secret world of antique bicycle collectors, and ultimately to his own heart. The result is an intimate portrait of a Taiwanese family, a history of the bicycle industry, and a collage of magical, heart-wrenching stories from various characters in the novel.

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Wu, M.-Y., & Sterk, D. (Tran.) (2015). "The stolen bicycle" excerpt = 《單車失竊記》摘譯. Books From Taiwan, (3), 22-27.