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International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research (IPEDR)

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ICT, TELL, Language Enhancement, Writing Skills, e-Learning


Advances in the use of technology in language education over the last few decades have steered English language educators towards assessing various language learning opportunities. While the shift in the role of the language teacher from instructor to facilitator of students’ learning could bring about a readjustment of existing pedagogies, it could also give rise to a completely new pedagogy with the efficient and effective incorporation of technology into language learning programs. The current study sets out to address this shift by integrating various technological affordances into a single program. More importantly, the immense effect that growing information and communication technologies could have, especially on writing, necessitates an inquiry into role that technology plays in enhancing writing. The study thereby investigates the effectiveness and usefulness of technology in enhancing ESL learners’ writing skills at the tertiary level by administering a specifically designed language learning program.

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Hiradhar, P. P. (2013). Enhancing ESL learners' writing through technology. International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research (IPEDR), 68, 30-36. doi: 10.7763/IPEDR