Japanese adult videos in Taiwan and Hong Kong

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Routledge handbook of sexuality studies in East Asia

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Since the late 1990s, Japanese adult videos (AVs) as both media and cultural products have spread to other Asian societies, especially to Hong Kong and Taiwan, and have exerted tremendous influence on the sexual cultures of these societies. The extent of this influence ranges from the local adoption of Japanese sexual terminology to the overwhelming popularity of Japanese AV actresses in the local pornography markets. Taking inspiration from Sahlins (2005:4), this chapter will focus on how local consumers indigenise Japanese AVs by remaking, reinventing and re-appropriating them in a Hong Kong and Taiwanese context. This should not be taken to mean we overlook the impact that Japanese AVs have had on the sex cultures of these two societies. Rather, we emphasise here that attention should also be paid to the manner in which local consumers adapt and indigenise these products in accordance with local sexual concepts.



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