Ageing in the Asia-Pacific region : issues, policies and future trends

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Edited book

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The Asia-Pacific region is now clearly witnessing the rapid ageing of many of its nations and Asia is already the region with, relatively, the largest number of older persons. This book focuses on the challenges that this demographic trend poses to economies and societies in the region, and the policies that have evolved to date to meet new demands. It looks forward over the coming decades to consider how societies and economies will deal with ageing and the necessary structural and behavioural changes that this will entail.

With contributors drawn from a range of academic and professional disciplines, including many practising social gerontologists, this book will be of interest to scholars in economics, sociology, social policy, health policy, politics and development studies. With its particular emphasis on the future, if will also be an essential reference for anybody with a professional interest in policy-making in the region.



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Phillips, D. R. (Ed.) (2000). Ageing in the Asia-Pacific region: Issues, policies and future trends. London: Routledge.

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