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Motivation and beyond, Proceedings CALL 2010, Antwerp, University of Antwerp

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LINGUAPOLIS - Universiteit Antwerpen


The overwhelming proliferation of technology in language education over the past few decades has manifest itself in varied forms inside and outside language classrooms across tertiary educational institutions worldwide. While motivation gains potential importance for language teachers in helping students put in efforts for successful language learning, the use of technology can prove valuable in fostering motivation amidst language learners. As part of an ongoing research study, this paper investigates the design of a technology-enabled language enhancement program to develop the written communication skills of ESL learners at tertiary level in light of enhancing intrinsic motivation. The paper shall furthermore explore aspects that promote motivation and weigh them against the various features provided within the technology-enabled program.

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ISBN of the source publication: 9789057282973

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Hiradhar, P. (2010). Exploring the Motivational Aspects of a Technology-Enabled Language Program Design. In Proceedings of the Antwerp CALL 2010, the XIVth International CALL Research Conference, Antwerp , Belgium, pp. 103 -104, CALL and Linguapolis, University of Antwerp.