英汉对比研究的翻译学视角 = English Chinese contrastive linguistics from a translation perspective

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四川外语学院学报 = Journal of Sichuan International Studies

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英汉对比研究, 翻译研究, 话语分析, 普遍语用学理论, 被动式, English Chinese contrastiv e linguistics, translation studies, discourse analysis, theory of universal pragmatics, passive construction


以具体语篇中被动式的双语转换为例, 结合哈贝马斯的普遍语用学理念和韩礼德的语域理论操作框架, 对源 /译语在语篇、体裁、语域变体、言语施行的语用功能等几个方面进行了深入分析, 从翻译的角度讨论了英汉句法对比与双语转换中等效原则之间的互动关系。由于翻译是跨文化的人类交往行为, 而人的交往资质不仅包括主体的言说构句能力, 也包括主体如何言说以达到以言行事的能力, 因此, 英汉双语对比研究应从文本内的句子层面扩展到文本外各种构成言说者主体交往资质基础的社会文化层面。通过讨论, 希望为英汉对比研究的发展提供一个新的视角, 使双语对比研究更加深入、更加切合实际。

Contrastive linguistics studies different languages both in term s of their linguistic features and of the efficacy communication between different cultures. Similarly, translation studies not only seeks rules of bilingual equivalence in practice, but goes further to evaluate their textual, social, and cultural contexts in which language( s) in use are shaped and constrained through cultural political interpretation. By reexamining some aspects of English and Chinese contrastive linguistics from the translation point of view, this paper explores one key area where translation studies offers some valuable insights and a refreshing perspective on bilingual contrastive studies. This study suggests that approaches app lied to bilingual contrastive studies ought to focus not only on a text s syntactic structures, but also on the interplay between a number of factors, such as pragmatics and discourse analysis, thereby prom o ting an awareness of the socio-cultural context in which the text involved in translation is embedded, whereas form a l linguistic analysis cannot adequately and satisfactorily account for what appear to be syntactic phenomena.

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李东辉 (2006)。英汉对比研究的翻译学视角 = English Chinese contrastive linguistics from a translation perspective。《四川外语学院学报》,22(4),114-119。

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