Chinese cooperative behavior

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The 28th International Congress of Psychology

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Chinese Psychological Society


Chinese people as collectivists have traditionally been considered to be oriented toward relationships and cooperative behavior. They have been found, for example, to be respectful and even conforming in their attempt to avoid aggression. However, research, conducted mostly in the West, suggests that effective cooperation requires the direct expression of views. Recent studies suggest that Chinese people can, especially when they believe they have a quality relationship, also discuss their opposing views to develop integrative solutions. This cooperative behavior should help Chinese organizations operate in the emerging market economy.

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Abstract of presentation is also published in "International Journal of Psychology", 39(5/6), 390.

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Tjosvold, D., Wong, A. S. H., & Wang, L. L. Y. (2004, August). Chinese cooperative behavior. Paper presented at the 28th International Congress of Psychology, Beijing, China.

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