Conclusion : coming to a judgement

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Social policy in Hong Kong

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Edward Elgar


There are many ways of coining to a judgement about the degree of success of a government's social policies. We have chosen three ways of approaching the assessment task for Hong Kong. First, we explore the government's success according to the aims and targets which it has set itself. Secondly, we develop ten alternative criteria which we see as an important alternative way of evaluating the government's success. Finally, we look at whether public opinion regards the government's approach and policies as successful.

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ISBN of the source publication: 9781858985183

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Whilding, P., & Mok, K.-h. (1997). Conclusion: Coming to a judgement. In P. Whilding, A. S. Huque, P.-w. J. Tao Lai (Eds.), Social policy in Hong Kong (pp. 145-166). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

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