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The panacea for the public sector's self-evidently inadequate performance is seen by many as the need for civil servants to pursue a results-oriented approach to their management using private sector management principles and practices. This managerialist view now pervades public administration in, most notably, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States) (Caiden, 1994; Dixon, 1988 & 1995; Dixon & Kouzmin, 1994, Kouzmin, Dixon & Wilson, 1995. Hede, 1991; Ingraham & Peters, 1988; Lane, 1985; Mascarenhas, 1993; Peters, 1994; Pollitt, 1990) and, embrionicly, in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Government, 1995). The purpose of this paper is to explore the meaning of managerialism and its raison d' etre, and to identify the challenges and threats that must be confronted before its promise of improved public agency performance can become a reality.


CPPS Working Paper Series No.26 (11/95)

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Dixon, J. (1995). Managerialism-something old, something borrowed, something new : making government more business-like (CPPS Working Papers Series no.26). Retrieved from Lingnan University website: