Dr. Edward Che-hung Leong, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP, a private medical practitioner specialised in urology, was born into a medical family. Leong is well-known to most Hong Kong people for his surgery skills. He has been praised as the "Golden Surgeon Leong" (金刀梁). He is also named the "Master of Public Office" (公職王). Since 1988, he has been a Legislative Councilor representing the Medical Functional Constituency, as well as many other public service roles of the Government and quangos, including Chairmanship of the Elderly Commission, in which his works were highly appraised. For years Doctor Leung has enthusiastically engaged in serving the society. Recognising his contributions to the society, the government has awarded him the honours of Justice of Peace, Order of the British Empire, Gold Bauhinia Star, and Grand Bauhinia Medal. Dr. Leong is now serving as the Chairman of the University of Hong Kong Council, Chairman of the Committee on Elder Academy Development Foundation, Elderly Commission and other public service roles. There is an old saying that "doctors can be classified into three classes, the best one cures the society; the middle the person; the lowest the sickness." How did Dr. Leong go through the process from curing patients to healing society?

Recommended Citation

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