In order to facilitate life-long learning, the Hong Kong SAR Government officially launched the Qualifications Framework (QF) in 2008. The aim of QF is to "set clear goals and directions for continuous learning to obtain quality-assured qualifications. In the long run, it will help enhance the overall quality and competitiveness of the local workforce.

The QF used in Hong Kong is a qualification classification system with 7 Generic Levels, covering different interfaces such as academic, vocational and continuing education. Its objective is to provide employees with a clear pathway to further education and development, which allows individuals to draw up their own study plan and acquire quality-assured qualifications. Not only the implementation of QF brings benefits to individuals, it also helps promote an atmosphere of life-long learning across different industries while encouraging training institutes to organise more courses which are of high quality and suit the needs of different industries which can thus advocate the sustainable development of human resources.

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