Back in the colonial era, the Portuguese Macau Government handled city management less comprehensively in comparison to its British Hong Kong counterpart, such that Macau has mostly looked to Hong Kong for inspiration in policy making, as both cities share a similar culture. Such a trend has basically remained unchanged even after the return of sovereignties of both cities. However, while elderly policy development has stagnated in Hong Kong, Macau has already caught up or even pulled away. What is the next step for Hong Kong? And how has Macau's foresight shown the way forward for Hong Kong's ageing policy?

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Lai, C. K. T. (2014). Feature: From pupil to teacher: Macau overtakes Hong Kong as the regional role model in ageing policy. Asia Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies Newsletter, 5, 1-2. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/apias_nlj/vol5/iss1/13/