There has been raising concems towards elder abuse, which mainly focused on the physical and psychological damages inflicted onto the victims. However, to pay little attention to or to take lightly of elder neglect which usually marks the onset of elder abuse will only result in its escalation into more severe abusive behaviours if the situation continues. In order to prevent the situation from worsening, how should we understand the development of familial relationships? How can we early detect familial crises before they happen? How should we intervene at an earlier stage and help mediate the relationship between the abuser and the abused?

In response to the public outcry over the issue, the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Govemment commissioned APIAS to conduct a research on elder neglect in Hong Kong from a family perspective in April 2010. APIAS organised a Community Forum on Elder Neglect at Kwai Tsing Theatre on 29 March 2012 in an attempt to draw social attention towards elder neglect. The Seminar has successfully gathered prominent figures from the community and made constructive discussion over the issues.

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