Digital dilettante and the creation of romance

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Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Centre for Inter-Asian Research, Ahmedabad University, India

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Digital Intimacy: Young Women and Social Transformation in Asia

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8:30 p.m.


Online Session via Zoom


Nimmi rangaswamy explores myriad experiments with creative expressions of the constructing the self in the digital sphere summarizing a 12-year research journey with young adults and social media. Discussions of anonymity and pseudonymity, of intimacy, desire, connection, and attention will draw examples from the marginalized sections of youth in India. Romance emerges as the social theme underlying the power of digital media to overcome social constraint overlaying the thirst to connect, friend and chat going beyond Goffmanesque social performativity and towards defining potential social transgressions. Romance is the medium channeling and staging fantasies, aspirations and play to explore potential possibilities of social mobility.



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Nimmi Rangaswamy is a Professor at the Kohli Centre on Intelligent Systems, Indian Institute of Information Technology, IIIT, Hyderabad. She brings an anthropological lens in understanding the impacts of AI research and praxis. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the Indian institute of Technology, IIT, Hyderabad where she teaches courses at the intersections of society and technology. Previously, her job at Microsoft Research was a combination of theoretical analysis and ethnographic field research to understand technology use in developing countries. These are studies of patterns of technology adoption in various social contexts and spaces in India, ranging from middle-class consumption of domestic media, the business models of cyber cafés and the use of mobile internet and Facebook among urban slum youth.

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Rangaswamy, N. (2022, May 12). Digital dilettante and the creation of romance [Video podcast]. Retrieved from https://commons.ln.edu.hk/videos/952