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Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Centre for Inter-Asian Research, Ahmedabad University, India

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Digital Intimacy: Young Women and Social Transformation in Asia

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8:30 p.m.


Online Session via Zoom


From 2000 to 2020, what are the ways in which Indian women formed friendships on the internet? This is a period when friendships thrived on the day’s scandal, the screenshot du jour, the decoding of the subtweet. You wanted to see and be seen online. Affection, in-jokes, gossip. All familiar material. Except that all you had in common (seemingly) was that you were on Twitter. With the rise of the corporate internet particularly after 2010, how did these friendships change? What happens when the niche interest your friendship is based on, is the internet itself?



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Nisha Susan is a writer and editor. She grew up in India, Nigeria and Oman and lives in Bangalore. She is the co-founder of two award-winning media companies, The Ladies Finger and Grist Media. She currently writes Cheap Thrills, a column on millennials, time and obsessions for Mint Lounge. She was formerly Features Editor, Tehelka magazine and also commissioning editor for Yahoo! Originals, a longform destination for Yahoo! India. Her non-fiction is focused on culture, gender and politics. Her fiction has been published by n+1, Caravan, Penguin, Zubaan and others and often explores the intimacy and strangeness that the internet has brought to India. The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook & Other Stories (Westland, 2020) is her first collection of short fiction. In 2021, she wrote Seventeen Years and a Pandemic: What Watching Grey's Anatomy Taught Me, a very short book for Kindle. She is the translator of KR Meera's Malayalam novella Qabar, (Westland, 2022). She is a consulting editor at The Third Eye, a feminist platform run by Nirantar, Delhi.

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