Powering and greening Hong Kong

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School of Graduate Studies and Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University

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Cities and Governance Webinar Series 2021

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Public Seminar




4:00 - 5:30 pm


The world is witnessing increasingly frequent extreme weather events, such as heatwave, cold snap, flooding, hurricane, etc. Countless lives have been lost and homes devastated. As the world continues to consume fossil fuels to support economy, more carbon dioxide will be emitted to the atmosphere, and these tragedies will only recur. We must act now to save the future for our younger generation.

Hong Kong is a densely populated city without indigenous energy resources. Fossil fuels are imported for generating electricity, propelling transport, supplying gas and feeding industry. With limited land and sea spaces for harvesting solar and wind energy, how could we progressively phase out carbon intensive fuels and continue to enjoy a highly reliable energy supply? Would the new energy technologies under development in the world be applicable to our city? This webinar serves to think globally and act locally, exploring potential solutions for powering and greening Hong Kong as the Government strives to achieve the carbon neutrality goal before 2050.





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Mr Thomas Lui is a versatile business and engineering professional dedicated to the power industry, with wide ranging experience covering strategic development, engineering and commercial strategy. He has been one of the key members responsible for devising CLP Power’s long-term decarbonisation plan in Hong Kong.

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