‘Follow the Practice’ : Tracing Formations of Culture & Knowledge in Asia : Day 1 : Research presentations

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This event contains 6 video clips. More details available at : https://lingnan.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Sessions/List.aspx#folderID=%2297e5d55a-246b-40ea-96ad-aa1c008615a4%22


Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, Lingnan University
Co-organised by
Department of History, University of Cambridge
Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts

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Two-day Workshop : ‘Follow the Practice’ : Tracing Formations of Culture & Knowledge in Asia

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Public Seminar




5:30 pm -- 8:00 p.m.


University Clubhouse, 2/F, Amenities Building, Lingnan University


How do cultural practices continue to move in forgotten circuits of conflict and connection, in ways erased by our current maps of meaning? With an interest in investigating and reactivating the deep histories of mobility that underlie our interpretive frames of contemporary Asia, ‘Follow the Practice’ opens a space of inquiry into events and engagements excluded from dominant ideological frames of globalization within and beyond Asia.

The workshop proposes the modality of ‘following the practice’, identifying specific negotiations of culture that unsettle the geographies and histories of knowledge fixed by Cold War scholarship. At this interdisciplinary forum, scholars and practitioners present their respective projects towards a collaborative aim of reconfiguring themes of mobilities/migration, globalization, and cultural practice from various ‘Asias’ (South, East, Southeast).



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Sen, S., Niranjana, T., De Dios, A., & Du, C. (2019, March 21). ‘Follow the Practice’: Tracing Formations of Culture & Knowledge in Asia: Day 1: Research presentations [Video podcast]. Retrieved from http://commons.ln.edu.hk/videos/805