營商之道 = Running business

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「應該問你能給社會做甚麼,不要問社會能給你甚麼。」合和實業有限公司創辦人及董事局主席胡應湘爵士於12月2日舉行的2013/14學年第二次大學論壇上,向嶺南大學同學和教職員如此勸勉。 成功非僥倖,胡爵士出生於大家庭,兄弟姊妹九人自小遵循父親的教誨,以「為人民服務」為使命。胡爵士在發展事業的過程中,準確判斷市場需要,並提供優質產品和服務迎合需求,藉此實踐父親的教誨。70年代,胡爵士看到社會對房產的大量需求,遂創辦合和實業有限公司,並參與設計及建造多個在香港、中國內地及海外的物業及基建項目。至80年代,胡爵士看準當時內地輕工業發展潛力優厚的先機,毅然到廣東省投資發電廠,開創內地私營發電廠的先河。




“Ask what you can do for society, not what society can give you,” Sir Gordon Wu Ying-sheung, founder and Chairman of the board of Hopewell Holdings Limited, told Lingnan students and staff members at the second University Assembly of 2013/14 on 2 December.

Success is not a fluke. Born to a big family of nine children, Sir Gordon and his siblings were taught to serve others by their father. Sir Gordon put his father’s teaching into practice in his business development, identifying market needs accurately and meeting them with quality products and services. In the early 1970s, Sir Gordon saw great demand for housing and established Hopewell Holdings Limited to engage in property development and infrastructural projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. In the 1980s, Sir Gordon spotted the great potential of light industries in Mainland China, and built the first privately run power plant in Guangdong province.

Sir Gordon advised students not to confine to what they major at university when they ponder their career options. They should be adaptable and market-oriented, providing only quality and reasonably priced products and services. He also encouraged students to seize every opportunity and challenge, work hard and be ready to take up junior positions to accumulate experience for future success.

President Leonard K Cheng thanked Sir Gordon for sharing his insights and experience of running a business with students. “Sir Gordon is a visionary. He saw the importance of infrastructure and energy in economic development and has proven to be a pioneer as key private sector enabler of economic development in Mainland China and elsewhere.”

Sir Gordon is Chairman of the board of Hopewell Holdings Limited and Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Limited. He graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering in 1958. He founded Hopewell in 1972, which was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the same year and has since branched out into various business sectors. Over the past 20 years, Sir Gordon has dedicated himself to bridging up the transportation network between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, including the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to be open in 2016. He is very active in civic activities and community service. Sir Gordon is a Council Member of the United Nations Association of China, an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia in Hong Kong, and an Advisor to China Development Bank.



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