Beyond distance teaching towards open learning

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Beyond distance teaching towards open learning

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Our intention here is to clarify current meanings attached to distance teaching and open learning both in theory and in practice, and in order to show what we understand by going ‘beyond distance teaching, towards open learning’. We begin by examining distance learning as it is most commonly conceived of and practiced, and discuss the conception in terms of its potential for the equalization of educational opportunity and for the raising of critical awareness. We then describe and discuss different examples of open learning. And we show how the traditional way of distance teaching is an example of one particular type of open learning, that associated with open access education. We then show that a move can be made beyond distance teaching towards a type of open learning associated with the empowerment of the individual as a learner by abandoning the form of education founded on transmission and instruction and embracing that which is founded on each individual’s right of access to the creating and questioning of their own and others’ meanings. We access the way in which the various ideas put forward in the book might move us towards that kind of open learning.

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Copyright © 1987 V. E. Hodgson, S. J. Mann and R. Snell

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Hodgson, V. E., Mann, S. J., & Snell, R. (1987). Beyond distance teaching towards open learning. In V. E. Hodgson, S. J. Mann, & R. Snell (Eds.), Beyond distance teaching towards open learning (pp. 161-170). Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

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