And the ass saw the angel : a novel of fragment and excess

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Cultural seeds : essays on the work of Nick Cave

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Published in 1989, with a special collector’s edition released in January 2008, And the Ass Saw the Angel is a novel that charts the violent one hundred year history of Nick Cave’s fictitious locale, the Ukulore Valley. The Ukulites are a gruesome mix of religious zealots, in-bred hillbillies, misfits, hobos and murderers. The story is mainly narrated through the interior monologue of the deeply troubled mute protagonist Euchrid Eucrow. Born to parents whose in-breeding stems back generations, Euchrid suffers epileptic fits and endures the endless violence and haranguing of his alcoholic mother and bears witness to the cruelty his trapperfather inflicts upon animals. In time, Euchrid comes to believe that by divine appointment, he is God’s messenger and as such, his duty lies in avenging evil.

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ISBN of the source publication: 9780754663959



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Hart, C. (2009). And the ass saw the angel: A novel of fragment and excess. In T. Dalziell & K. Welberry (Eds.), Cultural seeds: Essays on the work of Nick Cave (pp. 97-108). Burlington: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

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