Unwanted mobile belonging : use of cell phones among asylum seekers in Hong Kong

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Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2016

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Association for Cultural Studies


To many asylum seekers in Hong Kong, the territory was never their intended destination. Trapped territorially for an indefinite period of up to 10 years, these asylum seekers had to resort to aimless travelling and illegal work to kill time and to find some meaning of existence during their stay. Mobile phones became their source of communication, entertainment or (paralegal) business transactions, as they maintain an “elsewhere” existence. This paper crystallizes some findings of a research which examines the use of mobile phones as an epitome of the precarious belonging of these accidental residents. The research will delve into the relationship between (mobile) media, mobility and belonging of this group of self-select but unwilling migrants.



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Leung, L. Y. M. (2016, December). Unwanted mobile belonging: use of cell phones among asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2016, Australia.

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