Concluding observations

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Housing and social change : East-West perspectives

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In this collection of essays we have explored a number of dimensions of housing and social change. In addressing this broad based theme we have consciously drawn on a range of disciplines and from perspectives rooted in different geographies, cultures and policy regimes. As stressed in the introductory chapter there has been no attempt to force or anticipate a uniformity of message but to use the individual chapters as different windows on the relationship between housing (as policy, as investment, as lived experience) and broader societal transformations. Authors have ranged across the impact of housing policy reforms in China, asset based welfare initiatives in the United States, the meaning of the home in New Zealand and the recession induced fragmentation of home-ownership in Japan. The wide range of topics and policy preoccupations serves to underline the critical position housing plays in a variety of contexts and the complex linkages between housing systems, cultural change, economic reform and restructuring, and demographic developments. As a conclusion to this collection it is appropriate, however, to draw out some of the underlying themes of the book.

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Forrest, R., & Lee, J. (2003). Concluding observations. In R. Forrest & J. Lee (Eds.), Housing and social change: East-West perspectives (pp. 264-270). United Kingdom: Routledge.

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