VCD as programmatic technology : Japanese television drama in Hong Kong

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Feeling Asian modernities : transnational consumption of Japanese TV dramas

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Whether tourist or resident, one confronts a surprising amount of Japanese commodity culture in Hong Kong: Japanese supermarkets, Japanese comics (manga) on newsstands, Japanese fast food, pop music, and ubiquitous Hello Kitty shops selling every kind of trinket imaginable. In electronic media, there is a huge selection of Japanese computer games, toys, and anime (animation) as well as Japanese films screening at multiplexes. In video and record shops, there are not only large sections of "J-pop," but also handsome box sets of Japanese prime-time television called simply "yat-kek" (Japanese drama) in Cantonese.

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Versions o f this essay have been presented at the following conferences: "Television, Past and Futures", University of Queensland, 1 December 2000; "Communication and Cultural (Ex)change", 8th International Conference o f Intercultural Communication Studies , Hon g Kong Baptist University, 25 Jul y 2001; and "Feeling 'Asian' Modernities: T V Drama Consumption in East/Southeast Asia", International Christian University, Tokyo, 23-25 November 2001.

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Davis, D. W., & Yeh, E. Y.-y. (2004). VCD as programmatic technology: Japanese television drama in Hong Kong. In K. Iwabuchi (Ed.), Feeling Asian modernities: Transnational consumption of Japanese TV dramas (pp. 227-247). Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.