The mainland shares and respects the universal values we all cherish

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There certainly are universal values shared by all humanity. Notwithstanding the diversity of cultures and ethnicities and languages, novels in any language at any time and from any corner of the world can be translated into any other language and still generate resonance and touch emotions all the same. This testifies to the universality of human nature. As human beings, we all cherish love, peace, respect, dignity and freedom. As individuals, we all want autonomy and dislike servitude. We all salute those who make huge sacrifices for the benefit of others, and despise those who willfully cause suffering to others in order to feed their lust for wealth and power.

Thus, there certainly exist universal values that we all share, regardless of nationality and race. Pursuing these universal values and building a world where these values are upheld is the “One Dream” we want to realize in this “One World”. This happened to be the theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympics song.

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