Business associations : an introduction to agency, partnership and company law

Chun Yau, Clement SHUM


This book deals mainly with the law of agency and partnership. It also touches on the basic principles of company law. Local academics and practi¬tioners have not written much on the law relating to agency and partnership. It is hoped that this book will stimulate more detailed and thorough research into these two areas.

There has not been significant change in the law covered by this book since the publication of the first edition. The most noticeable change is the enactment of the Age of Majority (Related Provisions) Ordinance 1990 which reduces the age of an infant to 18 and amends the law relating to an infant's contracts and related matters. The author has also taken the opportunity to improve expressions and to update the bibliography. And he has tried to state the law as known to him on 31 December 1991.