Give and take : electoral politics in transitional Hong Kong

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Journal article

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Asian Perspective

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Spring 1-1-1997





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On September 17, 1995 the people of Hong Kong voted for the first fully elected legislature. The electoral system, introduced by the British over the prior eighteen months differed substantially from that used in the 1991 election. Both are likely to differ from that adopted by the Preparatory Committee charged with adopting the rules for electing the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's first elected legislature. The changes in the electoral system between 1991 and 1995 do not appear to have changed the overall results of the 1995 election. This paper examines the various electoral systems used in Hong Kong, the alignment of political forces, the results of the 1995 election in the context of the changes in the electoral system, and the likely effects of either a proportional representation system, the type of electoral system some have suggested for Hong Kong's future, on the legislative agenda in Hong Kong after 1997. The paper concludes that the likely changes to the electoral system after 1997 are likely to have a far greater impact on politics than the reforms implemented prior to the change of sovereignty.

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Li, P.-k., & Newman, D. (1997). Give and take: Electoral politics in transitional Hong Kong. Asian Perspective, 21(1), 213-232.