Fifty patterns of modern Chinese

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Chinese University Press


Sentence patterns are the framework of a language while vocabularies are the bricks. Understanding how to use the sentence patterns is one of the most effective ways in learning the language.

Fifty Patterns of Modern Chinese includes fifty most widely used Chinese sentence patterns. Understanding these patterns with improve one’s learning ability in the listening, speaking, reading and writing aspects of Chinese.

This book is specially designed for intermediate learners of Chinese as a foreign language, Each chapter is divided into three parts: example sentences with Pinyin and English translation, vocabulary, structural analysis and patterns. An exercise is provided after every four chapters, to help learners master the points under discussion. To make it interesting and useful, the content covers various topics on politics, economics, the military, culture, folklores and everyday incidents. This book provides learners with 300 commonly used vocabularies, with the aim of helping learners to express themselves better. A list of simplified characters is also attached at the back for easy reference.

This book can be used both as a textbook for classes and for self-learning.





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Han, D. (1993). Fifty patterns of modern Chinese. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.

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