Managerial stress in Hong Kong before and after the handover in 1997

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The 2nd World Congress on Stress

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The purpose of this study was to investigate occupational stress in Hong Kong managers before (N = 280) and after (N = 192) the Handover in 1997 using the Occupational Stress Indicator -2 (OSI - 2). The samples were drawn from a broad cross-section of managers in Hong Kong by random sampling and purposive sampling methods. Self-administered questionnaire survey methods were used to collect quantitative data. The degree of similarity of the main variables in the two sets of data was high, as the correlation coefficients obtained were between 0.91 and 1.00. The results showed that the reliabilities and predictive validity of the OSI - 2 subscales were reasonably high in both samples. The logical relationships between job satisfaction, physical and mental well-being, and quitting intention that were found in the two samples have provided support to the findings obtained in Western countries. The results did not show any differences in the self-report measures of stressors and strains before and after the Handover. However, multiple regressional analyses revealed different predictors for health and strain effects in each case. Before the Handover, the predictors for job satisfaction were organizational climate and relationships; the predictors for mental well-being were organizational climate and personal responsibility, with workload, alone, predicting physical well-being; and the predictors for quitting intention were relationships and personal responsibility. After the Handover, there was no significant predictor for job satisfaction; the predictor for both physical and mental well-being was management role, and the predictor for quitting intention was recognition. The author concluded that there were no differences in the mean scores for stressors and strains of the two groups, but different sources of stress explained different outcomes before and after the Handover in 1997.



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Siu, O. L. (1998, October). Managerial stress in Hong Kong before and after the handover in 1997. Paper presented at the 2nd World Congress on Stress, Melbourne, Australia.

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