Understanding personality at work

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The Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference 2012 : The Development of Psychology in Hong Kong : Past, Present, and Future

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Hong Kong Psychological Society


The workshop will introduce the development of personality in industrial-organizational psychology. The study of individual differences is a well-established tradition in psychology. While it is sometimes assumed that everyone is the same, that there is a universality of human behavior, psychologists have identified individual differences in human thoughts, emotionality, personality and behavior; these differences could explain many differences in outcomes in organizations. Personality is useful in predicting motivation, job satisfaction, job performance and other work-related behaviors. A brief overview of the Big Five model of personality, work locus of control, and state-like positive psychological capital will be provided. Further, based on research findings, a review on how they predict job performance and safety performance in the workplace will also be presented.



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Siu, O.-l. (2012, June). Understanding personality at work. Paper presented at the Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference 2012: The Development of Psychology in Hong Kong: Past, Present, and Future, Hong Kong.

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