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經濟課程(中四至中六)資源套 : 反競爭行為及競爭政策

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This Resource Pack is developed for an elective topic, ‘Anti-competitive Behaviours and Competition Policy’ covered in the Economics syllabus, in accordance with the Economics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 – 6).

In developing the Resource Pack, we are mindful of the fact that the issue of competition analysis and related policy considerations is an integrated subject covering law and economics. It is a specialized subject unfamiliar to most school teachers. To meet the scope of the Economics curriculum at senior secondary level, the Resource Pack is devel oped with a focus on economic analysis and the behavioural aspects.

While there are jargons in any specialized subject, the concepts behind the jargons are explained in an easyto-comprehend fashion in the Resource Pack with illustrative examples where necessary. Once the students have mastered the basic concepts and analysis covered in the curriculum, they are encouraged to explore for themselves the constantly changing social environment that impacts on the competition scenario.



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Lin, P., & Fung, C.-y. (2008). Resource pack for economics curriculum (secondary 4-6): Anti-competitive behaviours and competition policy. Hong Kong: Education Bureau.

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