Confluences : translation research in Chinese and Asian contexts

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Hong Kong Translation Society


This collection of essays commemorates the fortieth anniversary of the Hong Kong Translation Society, under whose aegis the Translation Quarterly has been published since 1995. As of 2010, a total of 58 issues of the journal has been published, and it is from among the hundreds of articles figured in it that the `5 pieces gathered here have been selected. While they are by no means the only ones deemed worthy of anthologizing, they have nevertheless been selected because they reflect some of the key research trends in the Asian region, especially in China, which the Translation Quarterly can be said to have documented. Among these trends is an interest in exploring the implications of theories and methods developed in the West, most notably by the Translation Studies School, in the past few decades –- an interest that is evident even when the materials and contexts analyzed are discernibly Asian or Chinese. Hence the one-word title of the present volume: “confluences.” It is East-West interaction that underlies the articles included, which are divided into three separate sections: “Contemporary Theoretical Perspectives”, “Literature and Philosophy in Translation”, and “Alternative Asian Contexts”.



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Liu, C, & Chan, T. H. L. (Eds.) (2011). Confluences: Translation research in Chinese and Asian contexts. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Translation Society.

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