Muto, Ichiyo, born in 1931 in Tokyo, is a writer on political and social affairs, and activist engaged in the anti-war movement and other social movements since the 1950s. Active in the anti-Vietnam war Beheiren movement (1965-74), inaugurated English magazine AMPO (1969), founded the Pacific-Asia Resource Center in 1973, and played a leading role in organizing the People’s Plan 21 program (1989-2002), and founded People’s Plan Study Group (PPSG) in Tokyo in 1998; Taught at the State University of New York at Binghamton from 1983 through 2000. He is the author of many books, the most recent one is on Fukushima and Japan’s potential nuclear armament (2011), partly translated into English and Chinese.


Asian Peace Movements and Empire

For Alliance of Hope

Redefine and Practice Our Peace, Our Security, If They Do Theirs

Towards the Autonomy of the People of the World: Need for a New Movement of Movements to Animate People’s Alliance Processes

Movement of Movements – People’s Alliance and Charter Making as a Process


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