Jia Jia LI

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UG Dissertation

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Professor WEI, Xiangdong


The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in China are developing rapidly. They are becoming more and more important to China’s economic restructuring and to the national economic development. However, since SMEs started appearing relatively late and the development history in China is relatively short, a lot of aspects are still unripe and a series of problems exists. Especially, the job turnover rate is commonly high in Chinese SMEs. The high level of turnover will badly affect the survival and development of SMEs. This research focuses on the factors that affect job turnover in China. The factors are divided into six models, which are personal or family, adaptation, adaption, job satisfaction, management performances, and cost of turnover.

After conducting surveys in a Dongguan company, the data are collected and analyzed to test the hypotheses derived from these six models. We find strong evidence to support the main predictions from these models and our finding here is broadly in line with previous studies done for western countries.

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Li, J. J. (2012). The determinants of voluntary job turnover in Chinese medium and small enterprises: a case study (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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