Junxing ZHENG

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TPG Capstone Project (Taught Postgraduate Project)


Sociology and Social Policy


Dr. Echo Liang SHANG


The evolution of the virus has further improved Omicron's ability to spread, and the "dynamic clearing" policy of Hong Kong and the mainland will be severely challenged in 2022. To explore the implementation of anti-epidemic policies in Hong Kong and mainland China and their respective problems, this study starts from the perspective of collaborative governance, understands the work and performance of the government and other social organizations in the epidemic, and draws conclusions after analysis. This study found that both Hong Kong and the mainland have formed relatively complete epidemic prevention systems through literature research and qualitative interviews.

In contrast, Hong Kong's epidemic prevention policy is more relaxed, while the mainland's epidemic prevention policy is more effective in preventing the spread of the virus. The mainland government has a certain affiliation with the community and has better power coordination and organizational coordination capabilities. The Hong Kong government has a cooperative relationship with NGOs, and NGOs in Hong Kong have greater autonomy and flexibility. On the other hand, from the perspective of collaborative governance, the mainland's epidemic prevention system has problems such as bureaucratic practices and a lack of training for volunteers. In Hong Kong, there are problems such as improper resource allocation, poor communication between the government and NGOs, and low efficiency of rescue and support. In this regard, this study proposes that the two places should learn from each other and learn from each other's successful experiences. The mainland should decentralize government power, promote the diversification of governance subjects, and attach importance to volunteer training and management of community workers. For Hong Kong, the government must allocate resources more rationally, strengthen cooperation with other social organizations, and provide more material and spiritual support for the citizens.



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Zheng, J. (2022). Comparison of the mainland and Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention policies from the perspective of collaborative governance (TPG Capstone Project, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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