Xiaobin ZHANG

Date of Award


Degree Type

TPG Capstone Project (Taught Postgraduate Project)


Sociology and Social Policy


Dr. Mandy Kuen ZO


Housing provision in China has greatly improved, housing affordability gradually becomes another tough problem. Local government in China launches talent housing to attract and retain talents owing to that dreaded housing prices causing threaten to brain drain, with an aim to upgrade economic growth as well.

This research comparatively analyzes two typical cities with talent housing policy, showing similarities and differences of their talent housing policies, and evaluating the effectiveness from four dimensions: housing affordability, housing accessibility, housing availability and housing quality. And it inspects the overall result of policy goal of attracting talents. This research finds that the factors of different education and human resources, and industrial structure lead to some differences on their policies. The effectiveness of their policies shows similar results: talent housing is affordable, accessible, available and strict housing quality. It does help to attract and retain talents and upgrade economic structure.



Recommended Citation

Zhang, X. (2022). Comparative study of the effectiveness of talent housing policy In Shenzhen and Guangzhou (TPG Capstone Project, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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Sociology Commons