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This Manual is a product of Lingnan University’s pilot SLRS. It aims to provide a framework for interested parties to organize or refine a range of Service-Learning

Programs and to develop a comprehensive set of validating instruments that can be used to assess the effectiveness of the SLRS from the varying perspectives of students, course instructors, social service agency supervisors and program coordinators. The specific objectives of this Manual are:

(i) To provide useful reference information on Service-Learning to interested parties at Lingnan University and other tertiary institutions.

(ii) To provide definitions of the structures, contents and processes of the Lingnan model of Service-Learning (SLRS) and guidance to support implementation.

(iii) To provide a set of validation instruments, as developed by Lingnan, for evaluating the effectiveness of the SLRS from the perspective of participants.

(iv) To share the summary results of the evaluation of Lingnan’s SLRS pilot.

This is the first manual of its kind for running a Service-Learning scheme with the unique characteristics of liberal arts education in Hong Kong.



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Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University


Hong Kong


Service Learning

Additional Information

Editorial Team:

Principal Author: Alfred CHAN Cheung Ming, Ph.D.

Assisted by: Carol MA Hok Ka, Ph.D.; Florence FONG Meng Soi, M.Phil.

Proof Edited by: Anne CHAN

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Chan, C. M. A., Ma, H. K. C., & Fong, F. M. S. (2006). Service learning and research scheme: The Lingnan model. Hong Kong: Office of Service Learning, Lingnan University.

Service-learning and research scheme : the Lingnan model