Date of Interview



Luong Hoat Dien


Leung Tin Chi Ariel

Interview Location

At my grandpa's home (somewhere in Shatin)

Interview Summary

Hoat Dien (my grandpa) grew up in many localities including Vietnam and Guangzhou. He talks of the situation in the Vietnam during the colonization of France inn 1910s', about the tradional medicine (cockroaches) that makes people psychologically feel better, the racial discrimination in Vietnam and the reason for no sexual discrimination in Guangzhou, the experience he had in Vietnam primary school and in Guangzhou secondary school. In this interview, he tried to compare many aspects in both places (especially the educational system, the lifestyle as well as the entertainment).

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Transcript (Chinese)

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Transcript (English)

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Evaluation of Interview

Recommended Citation

Leung, T. C. A. (2000,March 19). Interview by Leung Tin Chi Ariel [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from