Date of Interview



Mr. Kwok Ming Fung, Ricky


Mr. Sung Lop Choi

Interview Location

3/F conference room, General Education Building, Lingnan College

Interview Summary

Mr. Sung in interviewed with me at 3/F conference room, General Education Building, Lingnan College on 19th April. He talks with a great deal of feeling about his childhood. It sounds interesting. He has 7 brothers and lives with his parent and his grandmother during his childhood.

His father is work in business field and his mother is housewife and his grandmother is very traditional women. Thus his family is not poor. His mother and his elder brothers do not care the finical support of his family so that Mr. Sung and his brothers no need to work outside when they were small can only focus on their studying.

When he was studing primary school, he had been changed from original scholl to a new one because his academic result is not good. It is quite difficult for him to adopt the new environment. Forunately, he familars with his classmate no longer via playing basketball and feeding little animal such as rabbit. After promoting secondary school, he felt that there are quite great pressure came from assessment and serious teacher. On the other hand, the good academic result of his elder brother is one of the major sources of pressure. He gradually looks after and concern about his smaller brothers when he was growing.

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Transcript (English) and Evaluation of Interview

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Kwok, M. F. R. (1999,April 19). Interview by Kwok Ming Fung [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from