Ka Man LAM

Date of Interview



Lam Ka Man (Kamen)


Cheng Ching Kim (Tommy)

Interview Location

Tommy home (Tseung Kwan O)

Interview Summary

Tommy was born in a small city of mainland China. He is 22 years old now. When he was 15 years old, his family and he emigrate to H.K.

Before he came to H.K, his family was very rich. E.g. his pocket money per month was equal to people's monthly salary. And also, most of classmate liked to play with him. Overall, before he came to Hong Kong, he said his childhood was very happy.

But, after he came to H.K, his family became very poor. They hadn't their flat in H.K. They just rented a room and lived together. And the flat need to share with another family. Besides, he had language problem. Before he came, no one teaches him to speak Cantonese. Moreover, he faced discrimination problem.

As there was a big change in his childhood, his personality also changed a lot after he came to H.K. Before, he liked to go out and talk with his parent. But, after, he always losed temper and argued with his parent. Also, he didn't like to go out with them. He was afraid "Hong Kong People" will discrimininate him when he went out. On the other hand, he became very quite as he wanted to protect himself. And he became a triad member because he hoped no one discriminate him.

Lastly, he said if he can choose, he would not come to H.K.

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Lam, K. M. (2000,March 7). Interview by Lam Ka Man [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from