Date of Award


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UG Dissertation



First Advisor

Dr. Ponder James Stuart


In the literature, there is the increasing trend to link human resource planning with strategic planning giving greater importance to, and greater involvement of, human resource management in organization strategy. Also the Hong Kong Police is a manpower oriented discipline force and the human resource management functions play a critical role in the effective management of these human resources. Therefore, the critical nature of the human resource management of the Hong Kong Police justifies a management report orientation where the focus is on the production of positive and practical recommendations.

The objectives of the report are to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing human resource management system of the Hong Kong Police and also if and where appropriate to make recommendations designed to enhance the present system.

In order to achieve the objectives, four aspects were evaluated.

The first aspect is the human resource management goals of the Hong Kong Police. It was evaluated against the criteria of the extent to which it is consistent with the ii Vision, Statement of the Common Purposes and Values of the Police.

The second aspect is its policies and practices of the each of the functions, which include 1. human resource planning (HRP), 2. recruitment and selection, 3. training and career development, 4. compensation and benefits management, 5. performance evaluation, 6. employee and labor relations, 7. counseling and 8. termination of the existing human resource management. It was evaluated through the comparison between the policies and practices of the each of the functions mentioned above and the corresponding theoretical functional goals.

The third aspect is outcomes of human resource management, including complaints from the public, and opinions to it from the general public. It was evaluated against the overall goals of human resource management of the Hong Kong Police.

The last but not the least, others, which are the things other than the above, factors viewed as relevant including what it has done during 1996 to 1999. Peters and Waterman Model was used as a framework for evaluating how well the Police was doing during this period.

After considering all the aspects, we concluded that the Hong Kong Police did well in the planning process of the human resource management, as theoretically, the effectiveness of the human resource management was achieved. However, further improvement is needed in certain areas concerning the actual performance during the implementation, which may imply there are some problems that may affect the effectiveness of the human resource management of the Hong Kong Police.

Based on the evaluation, we suggest that Competency Assessment Methods can be used as a framework for the Hong Kong Police to develop a set of competency for evaluating the performance of the employees. Also, a number of ways were suggested to improve the existing promotion mechanism. The supervisor’s recommendation involved in it can be improved by giving guidelines to the supervisors and having a group of supervisors to evaluate the performance of the employee. Also the recommendations should base on credible information. Moreover, feedback channels should be given to the employees to raise their opinions towards the decision in the promotion mechanism. In order to improve the competency of the supervisors, training should be given to strengthen their accountability for handling their work. Also a flexible and cafeteria benefits package was recommended to increase the flexibility of the existing benefits package iv for motivating the employees by giving autonomy to choose the benefits they need.



Recommended Citation

Lam, C. M., Leung, Y. S., Tai, W. F. (2000). An investigation of the effectiveness of human resource management in the Hong Kong police (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from