This paper attempts to tell the story of Datong City. The reconstruction of Datong Ancient City undergoes an economic transformation marked by the government in the face of the exhaustion of coal resource. The Major Geng takes this opportunity to fulfil his goal and formulate urban revolution in a small city. The story of Datong is entangled with great man politics and grand narrative, while it is comprised of micro-narratives of the citizens. This paper will elaborate on the story in terms of character, memory and space, and search for the missing details of the grand narrative of Datong story.


大同古城, 城市記憶, 城市空間, 故事, Datong, urban revolution, city memories, storytelling

Recommended Citation

陳東立 (2021)。角色,記憶與空間 : 大同古城的故事 = Character, memory and space: Stories of Datong。文化研究@嶺南,69。檢自 https://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol69/iss1/1/。