Tai O, at the western corner of Lantau Island, is a fishing village in Hong Kong. It is famous for its unique scenery of the stilt houses (棚屋) along the river and at the seaside. The stilt houses are built on the water and they are the home of fishermen. A large group of the stilt houses locating at Tai O for over 200 years houses several generations. The scenery of Tai O stilt houses has attracted a lot of tourists and it becomes an icon for Tai O. We find these buildings are valuable and deserve to be preserved. This essay aims to find out why we need to preserve the Tai O stilt houses and how we can preserve them in the best way.

Recommended Citation

Chan, W. C. (2020). Why and how do we preserve Tai O stilt houses? Cultural Studies@Lingnan, 65. Retrieved from https://commons.ln.edu.hk/mcsln/vol64/iss1/9/